Preliminary Pathology Program Information

Preliminary Pathology Program Information


  • ASIP Cotran Early Career Investigator Award Recipient: T-cell Immune Responses and Cardiotropism in Heart Failure
    Pilar Alcaide, PhD
    Tufts University School of Medicine Medical School
  • ASIP Outstanding Investigator Award Recipient: Integrative Molecular Pathological Epidemiology: Creating Scientific Frontiers for Discovery from Large-Scale Pathobiological Studies
    Shuji Ogino, MD, PhD
    Brigham & Women's Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard School of Public Health
  • ASIP Rous-Whipple Award Recipient: Decoding Novel Resolution Mediators & Mechanisms in Infectious Inflammation and Tissue Regeneration
    Charles Serhan, PhD
    Brigham & Women's Hospital


  • ACVP Symposium: Vector-Borne Diseases: Bridging Scale
  • Blood Vessel Club™: Inflammation, Survival and Death in Atherosclerosis
  • Contributions of Inflammation to Neurological Dysfunction
  • EMT, An Ever-Changing Process of Cancer Progression
  • HCS Symposium: Imaging Biometals in Disease
  • Presidential Symposium:  Inflammation Knows No Borders
  • SCVP Symposium: Nonconventional Players in Heart Disease
  • SIPMeT Symposium:  Immunopathogenesis of Cancer – from Basic Knowledge to Markers for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapuetics
  • The Bridge Between Liver Injury and Regeneration
  • VAMP: Inflammation, Immunopathology, and Mucosal Disease Mechanisms
  • What's the Big Deal about Big Data: Mining Molecular Epidemiology for Insights into Pathogenesis

Workshops/Special Sessions

  • XVIIIth Annual ASIP/AAA Career Development and Mentoring Program and Lunch: The IDP: Highway to Success
  • XVIIIth Annual Workshop on Graduate Education in Pathology:  Wellness for Students and Faculty
  • Breast Cancer and Gene Regulation Workshop
    Cell Injury Workshop: Tumor-Associated Parallels with Fibrosis
  • Committee for Career Development & Diversity Workshop and Breakfast: Mentor/Mentee Relationships; a Two-Way Street
  • Liver Pathobiology Workshop: Hepatobiliary Disease
  • Lunch and Learn:  Science, Statistics, and Getting It Right
    • An interactive lunch session will include an opportunity for participants to review case vignettes featuring common problems in scientific research statistics followed by a presentation and discussion with statistical faculty. The Do's, Dont's, and Pitfalls of these methods will be highlighted and discussed. 
  • Meet the Mentor Breakfast
  • NextGen Science:  Graduate Student and Postdoctoral Research in Pathology
  • Pathobiology for Research Scientists:  Infectious Pathogens and Cancer
  • Scientific Sleuthing of Human Disease for Undergraduate Students and High School Teachers and Students